About Us


Ladovie was established in 2016. We are as the Garment Accessories Manufacturer & Sewing contractor in Vietnam. With the assistance of its valued customers, business partners and employees. We have been expanding our business. We believe that we are able to contribute further to the development to Garment, Shoes, and Luggage Industries in Vietnam and worldwide.

We still need to make improvements to re-align our organization and to reinforce our structure in order to improve customer’s satisfaction. We will continue to upgrade our quality and improve our service. So we would like to ask for your support towards Ladovie Vietnam and Ladovie’s Products.

sewing contractor in Vietnam
Accessories and sewing contractor in Vietnam



Garment Accessories Manufacturer in Vietnam

We manufacture accessories for garment sush as plastic buckles, zipper, puller, sliders, rubber patch, adjuster,…

Our slogan is ” You can do it – We can help”. We always try our best to support for you.

How can we support you?

  1. We always keep and save your sample carefully. That means we are ready to process your request quickly. Which helps you can reduce waitting time so you will not waste money in the waitting time and will improve productivity.
  2. With defective products, we quickly find solutions and handle them as quickly as possible so you can easily receive our support quickly and promptly. All to ensure you are not behind schedule.
  3. Ladovie’s products are guaranteed quality by quality testing centers such as SGS, Intertek, etc,.. Therefore, you will be assured of the quality of your products, thanks to good product quality, your products will be appreciated and favored by consumers.
Garment accessories in Vietnam
Finish zipper
sliders in Vietnam
Accessories sliders
rubber patch in Vietnam
Accessories rubber patches

Sewing Contractor in Vietnam

Taking advantage of self-production of garment accessories. Ladovie boldly invests in machinery to sew and process bags for foreign brands.

With the team of highly skilled staff. We accept small to very small orders. You can contact us to get quote and we make free samples for you.

Our advantage is canvas bags, tote bags and backpack.  It would be great if you can visit our manufacture to discuss and watch us sew products.

sewing backpack in Vietnam
Sewing backpack
sewing canvas in Vietnam
Sewing canvas bag