Sewing contractor in Vietnam

Are you looking for sewing contractor in Vietnam? Are you growing your brand and need help?

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Who are we?

We are Ladovie. Taking advantage of self-production of garment accessories. We boldly invests in machinery to sew and process bags for foreign brands. If you have any backpack production needs, we’re here to help! Our sewing services are best in class, high quality, and cover a wide range of capabilities. Sewing operations can be complicated, but we have a long history of providing top of the line products and services to our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing you quality, so that you know your products are in good hands.

We here to help you.

We understand your difficulties when developing a brand so we alway try our best to help you.

We have a long history of backpack production success, primarily from our bag production efforts. We are able to produce top quality from-scratch products. Our products are the best in the textile industry, providing experience and sewing skills to all of our textile products. Sewing experience goes a long way, and many business in the garment manufacturing or apparel manufacturing can’t offer the same quality of production services as Bag Products.

sewing contractor in Vietnam
sewing contractor in Vietnam

How can we help you?

  1. We accept small to very small orders.
  2. We make free samples for you.
  3. We quote quickly.

Another information about us.

Ladovie is garment accessories manufacturer in Vietnam. We specialize in the production of accessories for backpack sush as rubber patches, zipper sliders, webbing, plastic buckles. With advantage of self-manufacturing accessories, now we expand our business to sewing contractor in Vietnam. We will sew sample product for you until you are satisfied. In addition to our highly skilled staff, we also have staff with disabilities. But don’t worry. Although the product is made by people with disabilities, we still guarantee the quality of the goods. When you place and order with us, you are also creating value for society. Directly helping people with disabilities integrate into the community. Thank you.

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