Water Resistant Zippers

  Water Resistant Coil Zipper with Shiny Finish Water Resistant Coil Zipper with Matte Finish Reverse Bail Slider has pull mounted on flat side of coil chain Standard Bail Slider […]

Fire Retardant Zippers

Fire Retardant Zippers is a special zipper. We can apply it in many products. Especially protective clothing Ladovie manufactures 2 types: metal tooth and plastic tooth. Metal tooth FR (fire-retardant) […]

Coil Tooth Zippers

Coil tooth zippers are made from a polyester resin that is extruded and sewn onto the zipper tape. Coil zippers are strong, flexible and very giving around corners. Coil zippers […]

Zipper Terminology

Zipper Terminology included: CHAIN:  The continuous piece that is formed when both halves of a zipper are meshed together TEETH:  The individual elements that make up the chain MATERIAL:  Refers […]

How to Determine Proper Zipper Length

Zipper length. How to determine proper zipper lenght? Find out how to identify and choose the right zipper with us. Zipper are always measured from “component to component” (end stops), […]