Water Resistant Zippers

  Water Resistant Coil Zipper with Shiny Finish Water Resistant Coil Zipper with Matte Finish Reverse Bail Slider has pull mounted on flat side of coil chain Standard Bail Slider […]

Fire Retardant Zippers

Ladovie.com Ladovie manufactures 2 types of fire-retardant zippers; metal tooth and plastic tooth. Metal tooth FR (fire-retardant) zippers are made from brass or black oxidized brass teeth with Nomex ® […]

Coil Tooth Zippers

Ladovie.com Coil tooth zippers are made from a polyester resin that is extruded and sewn onto the zipper tape. Coil zippers are strong, flexible and very giving around corners. Coil […]

Molded Tooth Zippers

Ladovie.com All Ladovie molded tooth zippers are made from DuPont Delrin UV stable resins. Additionally, the tape of the molded tooth zippers are UV protected to resist yellowing and degradation. […]

Metal Tooth Zippers

Ladovie.com Zippers made with metal teeth go back to 1893, when Judson Whitcomb patented the first Slide Fastener. Great advancements have been made since that first interlocking device was developed. […]

Zipper Terminology

CHAIN:  The continuous piece that is formed when both halves of a zipper are meshed together TEETH:  The individual elements that make up the chain MATERIAL:  Refers to the type […]

How to Determine Proper Zipper Length

Ladovie.com Zippers are always measured from “component to component” (end stops), regardless of zipper style. The illustrations below will assist you in determining the proper method for arriving at the […]