Zipper sliders manufacture


  • Ladovie can make any length zipper you require, even 1/2″ increment
  • Many manufacturers choose a zipper in continuous form.  This is a practical and economical way to meet your zipper needs if your application does not require a separating (open end) zipper.  All of our zipper materials are available in continuous form at various put-ups (yardage on each spool) based on material type and gauge
  • Ladovie manufactures a vast variety of zippers conforming to Mil Specs AN229, VF-106 and A-A 55634. Certs and C of C’s are available at no additional charge
  • Ladovie can design and develop a custom logo pull for your slider. Minimum order quantities will apply
  • If your needs require a fire retardant or high-temperature resistant zipper, Ladovie offers zippers made from DuPont Nomex® tape material.

Always measure the required zipper length twice.  If in doubt about the exact length needed, order the zipper longer, never shorter.  Most zippers can be easily shortened if necessary.



Certain applications may require a locking slider.  Locking sliders are assembled with a small pin that nestles between the teeth on the zipper chain. This locking pin prevents the slider from moving down the zipper chain and opening the zipper, until the slider tab is pulled, thereby retracting the locking pin and enabling the slider to move freely up and down the zipper chain.

Nonlocking sliders are manufactured without a locking pin.

Those applications that would best be served using a locking pin are trousers, pant legs, front of jackets and other applications where you need the slider to “stay put” and not move unintentionally.

Nonlocking sliders are best used on those applications where there is no (or very minimal) crosswise tension against the zipper chain.