Garment outsourcing


1. Requests

You submit a number of items to the factory, called a pre-production package.
A production package typically includes; tech pack(s), artwork files, a mock purchase order, a line sheet and a fabric swatch. A product prototype and other materials can be sent at a later time once you greenlight the estimate.

2. Estimates

The factory reviews the pre-production package and will source similar fabrics based on the quality standard you provide. In return, the factory provides fabric options; you select one to achieve an estimate. If the price is agreed upon, the remaining components to the package are sent to the factory. (Prototype, color standard, reference materials, and pattern).

Please note: Some designers may place an order based on the estimate to save time. Fabric manufacturing is immediately processed.

3. Counter Sample

The factory makes a counter sample using a similar, available fabric to achieve sewing efficiencies and to source all other materials in the product. The designer makes comments or gives approvals on product trims, quality standard selection, and other items that impact price. Once all items and details; such as materials, fit, and stitching, prints, color lab-dip, tags, and more, are approved, a final cost can be calculated.
Source My Garment provides a price which includes duties. Delivery is estimated and billed separately.

4. Purchase Order

Place an official purchase order, noting colors, styles, sizes, and any other pertinent details. We provide the factory with 50% of the P.O., so they can procure fabric and pay suppliers and workers. Fair trade is simple; it’s all about being fair.

Please note: The factory works with several partners and suppliers and the production department and must coordinate with everyone to establish a firmer turn-around time.

5. Manufacturing/Production

Prior to starting production, a sample of each style is made using the exact production fabric, and sent for approval. This is called the PP (pre-production) sample. Upon approval, full production begins.

6. Invoice

Once all garments are packed and ready to ship, a packing list is provided and an invoice is generated. The final invoice is paid prior to delivery. Delivery charges are quoted and billed once goods arrive at the warehouse in destination country (Unless other arrangements are made)

Please Note: To avoid shortages from damages during manufacturing, the factory cuts a small percentage of extra pieces of each style. Expect a small percentage +/- of pieces in the final invoice.